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Kingdom of Earth is the ‘sovereign world state’declared over the planet earth (“the World”)

The origin of Kingdom Of Earth

Kingdom of Earth is the ‘sovereign world state’declared over the planet earth (“the World”). The Kingdom was declared in London on 2nd November 2009 by Prince Ali Afolabi of Olubonku Royal House of Iree, a community within Nigeria. Prince Afolabi (now King Afolabi) was divinely ordained the “King of Earth” and commanded to proclaim the Kingdom of Earth in 1994.

However, he hesitated in doing so for 15 years for fear that the world may not be ready for a world state with an absolute Monarch when the citizens of the nation states around the world are clamouring for democracy. Prior to his divine commission, King Afolabi was a successful businessman but his initial refusal to obey the divine call costs him his business and family. His refusal also brings him so many unexplainable troubles.

In the midst of one of his troubles in 2009, he was divinely visited once more and commanded to assume his position as King of Earth and proclaim the Kingdom of Earth or he will die. With no other option he reluctantly assumed his position as the King of Earth and proclaimed the Kingdom of Earth. He informed the world leaders about his divine mission and unsurprisingly, most of the people around him and the world leaders believe that he was suffering from mental illness as they cannot comprehend such a divine mission. The mission of the King of Earth is to serve people in the world wherever they live, to promote world peace, global economic prosperity, religious tolerance and freedom of movement.